Book Launch: "Data Science for Migration and Mobility"


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About the event

The new edited book “Data Science for Migration and Mobility” is published by the Oxford University Press’ British Academy Proceedings Series in November 2022. Editors are Dr Emre Eren Korkmaz (University of Oxford), Prof Dr Albert Ali Salah (Utrecht University) and Dr Tuba Bircan (Brussels Free University). Nineteen articles explain data science in migration and mobility from different perspectives.

We cordially invite students and academics interested in data science in migration and mobility to join us at this book launch event. The seminar will start at 5.00pm and will take place in Seminar Room 1 (ODID, Queen Elizabeth House, 3 Mansfield Road, Oxford, OX1 3TB). The seminar is preceded by a small reception from 4.30pm to 5pm in the hall where refreshments will be available and attendees will be able to meet the book editors and contributors.

In the seminar, three editors (Dr Korkmaz, Dr Salah and Dr Bircan), Dr Marie Godin and Dr Will Allen will present their thoughts. Then Professor Ruben Andersson and Professor Loren Landau will share their comments about the topic and book. There will be representatives from Oxford University Press and British Academy and a special discount would be offered during the event.

This is a limited capacity event and registration is required. Please register here only if you intend to attend.


This book 

  • Provides a multi-faceted perspective into data science for migration and mobility while guiding the reader through disciplinary jargon and conceptualisations.
  • Helps migration scholars and students to understand the potential of new data sources with many case studies, and provides entry points for the available tools in the field.
  • Is written by leading experts from migration research, data and computer science, computational social science, sociology, demography, law, political science, economics, linguistics and psychology.

Migration is a complex phenomenon with multi-dimensional factors. With ever-expanding data storage and processing capabilities, new data sources (such as social media, mobile call data records, and satellite imaging) are becoming available to study migration from both qualitative and quantitative perspectives. Data Science for Migration and Mobility addresses the needs of both migration scholars who stand to benefit from the analysis of these new sources but lack the computational tools, as well as data scientists who have practical and theoretical knowledge in dealing with these data sources but have no familiarity with the relevant questions of migration research. It describes the main conceptual frameworks, explains techniques of data collection and processing, provides case studies, discusses the strengths and limitations of each data source, and critically discusses the ethical, legal, and privacy-related issues specific to each data source.

More information about the book can be found on the OUP’s website here.



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