Anissa Maâ

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Anissa Maâ 

Affiliated Research Fellow



Affiliation: Oxford Department of International Development
Expert in: Borders and detention, Irregular migration, Conflict and security
Geographic focus: North and West Africa (Morocco, Mali)



Anissa’s work focuses on migration and border control in North and West Africa (Morocco, Mali), with specialisms on deportation and voluntary returns. Through ethnography and qualitative methods, her research investigates the role of international organisations (International Organisation for Migration), local intermediaries (NGO’s, churches, migrant-led associations) and migrants themselves in the daily implementation of borderwork. Anissa is particularly interested in how the involvement of local actors transforms borderwork on the ground; how migrants appropriate means of control in a context of constrained mobilities; and how internationalised borderwork interacts with local political and security contexts, dynamics of intra-African migrations, and social claims over mobility. More recently, Anissa conducted fieldwork in Mali to investigate the articulation between different regimes of im/mobility (local actors, expatriates, migrants) in the context of armed conflict. Her work rises broader issues related to the colonial legacies of intermediation in the control of mobilities in Africa. 


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